Watercolor Society of North Carolina- NC watermedia painting organization


The Watercolor Society of North Carolina, Inc. (WSNC)
is a non-profit art organization; its purpose is to
promote watercolor throughout the state and
to elevate the standards of excellence in this medium.


2016 WSNC Annual Juried Exhibition

October 9th- November 18th


  • FIRST PLACE AWARD, Nancy Paden- "Hello Again"
  • SECOND PLACE AWARD, Jeffrey Jakub- "Signage of Times Square"
  • THIRD PLACE AWARD, Sean Stickel- "Super Mini-Colors"
  • FOURTH PLACE AWARD, Charles Sharpe- "Easy Clean-Up"
  • FIFTH PLACE AWARD, Howard Eberle- "Rustic"
  • PAST PRESIDENT AWARD, David Stickel- "Market La Colmena--Barcelona"
  • PERMANENT COLLECTION AWARD, Gale Champion- "Free Flowing"
  • SIGNATURE MEMBER AWARD, JJ Jiang- "Offering"
  • FRANCES & BARRY BAKER MEMORIAL AWARD, Mary Edwards- "Yellow Bicycle 2"
  • GEORGIA A. NEWTON MEMORIAL AWARD, Beth Bale- "Chickens in Snow"
  • SALLIE T. GRIFFIN MEMORIAL AWARD, Georgia Mason- "EarthField"
  • EASTERN REGION AWARD, Richard Staat- "Sand Castle Engineers"
  • CENTRAL REGION AWARD, Dianne Rodwell- Polli's Garden
  • WESTERN REGION AWARD, John Anderson- "I Think I'm Losing My Marbles"
  • JERRYS ARTARAMA AWARD, Ryan Fox- Guananuato Alleyway
  • JERRYS ARTARAMA AWARD, Verena Murvin- "Shades of Gold"
  • JERRYS ARTARAMA AWARD, Susan Schuhmacher- "Flight"
  • GOLDEN ARTIST COLORS AWARD, Martha Moore- "Taylor Grocery, Oxford, MS"
  • WINSOR & NEWTON AWARD, Diane Seifart- "Love from Congo"
  • M. GRAHAM & CO. AWARD, Alexis Lavine- "Connected"
  • M. GRAHAM & CO. AWARD, Linda Koffenberger- "River Rat"
  • HOLBEIN ARTIST MATERIALS AWARD, Lynette Bettini- "The Guardian"
  • Bonnie Becker- "Flamboyance"
  • Gail Black- "By the Window"
  • Jean Blackmer- "Panama Canal Crossing"
  • Kathy Bovard- "Hokey Pokey"
  • Lynn Callahan- "The Gift of Arthur"
  • Mike Dorsey- "Summer's Early Hour"
  • Isabel Farrell- "Dude"
  • Kathy Flood- "African Woman"
  • Mike Gantt- "Lost in Thought"
  • Janet Geismar- "Looking Back"
  • Annie Glacken- "Two Heads are Better Than One II"
  • Frederic Good- "Journey"
  • Ken Hobson- "Morning Fog"
  • Alice Holleman- "Kamikaze Bee"
  • Kathy Gagnon- "Moring Iris"
  • Vicki Hand Johnson- "Spring Poppies"
  • Cathy Klopfenstein- "Behold!"
  • Susan Lackey- "Sisters"
  • Dixie Leibert- "Double Exposure"
  • Edward Macomber- "Boys Alley Ball"
  • Carol Mann- "All That Glitters Is Not Gold"
  • Susan Mauney- "Men Friends"
  • Jim McIntosh- "Island Sentry"
  • Carol Meetze-Moates- "Bets to Win"
  • Ann Neely- "Sweet Tea and Shade"
  • Tesh Parekh- "Carolina Summer Sky"
  • Jerry Patrick- "Mr. Yellow Billed Cuckoo"
  • Juanita Patrum- "I think that I shall never see..."
  • CoraMae Pipkin- "Making a Point"
  • Jo Ann Pippin- "Fish Tales"
  • Bonnie Pope- "Time Out"
  • Eng Pua- "Autumn Leaves Appreciation at Kiyomizu Temple"
  • Judy Rider- "Made in Chinatown V"
  • Barbara Rohde- "Long Day"
  • Peggy Saporito- "Antique Shop"
  • Helen Shaw- "A Favorite Place"
  • Richard Siegel- "Thunder Hole"
  • Sook Sienkiewicz- "Homage to Rockwell"
  • Marilyn Strother- "Yellow Tomatoes"
  • Chris Sutherland- "Dancin' Dandelions"
  • Lyudmilla Tomova- "Winter in New York"
  • Carol Trotman- "Creation Day 4"
  • Eileen Tullner- "Spring Fling"
  • Christine Walker- "You Are My Sunshine"
  • Marion Weathers- "Vollis No. 7"
  • Linda Werthwein- "Into the Orange"




Sponsored by:

Award Winners

Juried Event

Travel Show- Selected Artists

Hurricane Matthew- Aftermath


2016 WSNC Annual Juried Exhibition

Closing Ceremony & Reception

jjjjjKaren Van Gamper watercolorKathy Bovard watercolor paintingsjjjjjjjjj


Manteo, North Carolina

Juror of Paintings: Mark Mehaffey

We're looking forward to the 2016 Annual Juried Exhibition at the Dare County Arts Gallery in Manteo. Juried by well-known watercolorist Mark Mehaffey.

Mark Mehaffey watercolor artist


Judge of Awards: Luana Luconi Winner

Luana Luconi Winner- WSNC Judge of Awards

Artist Bio

Read Luana's Artist Award Statement


List of Artists Selected for the Traveling Show:

Roxanna Alexander
John Anderson
Beth Bale
Lynette Bettini
Gail Black
Jean Blackmer
Lynn Callahan
Gale Champion
Jay DeChesere
Mike Dorsey
Isabel Farrell

Ryan Fox
Kathy Gagnon
Alice Holleman
Jeffrey Jakub
JJ Jiang
Alexis Lavine
Georgia Mason
Jim McIntosh
Verena Murvin
Nancy Paden

Judy Rider
Dianne T Rodwell
Diane Seifart
Charles Sharpe
Richard Siegel
Richard Staat
Sean Stickel
Eileen Tullner
Christine S Walker
Linda Werthwein



Dare County Arts Gallery (Old Courthouse)
300 Queen Elizabeth Avenue
PO Box 2300
Manteo, North Carolina 27954
Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm
Saturday, noon - 4pm
Closed Sundays & Mondays in the off season
Peggy Saporito - Local Chair


Dare Arts Council- Manteo, NC


Hurricane Matthew Update


Open letter: October 10, 2016 Download Letter

WSNC Members

You can’t fight Mother Nature

Well, You Can but You Won’t Win!

Hurrican Matthew flooding

Peggy Saporito deserves accolades of the highest order. She worked very, very had this past year getting our Manteo Event in order. She, along with Faye Edwards and Chris Swain of DCAC and all her volunteers, worked diligently and thoroughly. They did a great job planning an impeccable event. They made it so easy for the WSNC Board of Directors. We found them to be a very finely tuned machine and every single detail was covered in triplicate.

Then other things took control... who would ever expect such a destructive hurricane to strike North Carolina in October, and be one that could achieve such havoc!

Peggy, Kathy Bovard and I tried very hard to salvage what we could once we realized last Wednesday afternoon that everything was on the verge of collapse. Difficult decisions were arrived at based on facts known at that minute. A brutal aspect was that those facts kept evolving and changing.

After all the weekend events were cancelled, the workshop still seemed doable. Saturday, the day the hurricane struck North Carolina, nothing was as expected. Manteo seem to have avoided the brunt of the storm’s forces. Central Carolina was slammed.

Mark Mehaffey arranged to fly in to Norfolk on Sunday morning and drive to Manteo. Kathy Bovard, and her husband Gary, had settled in the Surfside Hotel on Thursday to help the Manteo crew hang the show, and assist Mark Mehaffey when he came to judge the show. Plans were made to go ahead with a Sunday opening of the WSNC Exhibition at DCAC for the local people and sponsors at the Dare County Arts Council.


Well, come Sunday, everything changed again.

As I loaded my car for my own Manteo departure from little Washington I was actually looking forward to my little sojourn because at my home which is 150 yards from the Pamlico River (which had already crested its banks and receded),we had no power; we were under water restrictions; and imposed curfews. I figured my stay in Manteo was going to be a much better situation and a reprieve from my own current state of affairs.

Then all hell broke loose again. First, almost all of Dare County lost electricity. That meant no phone service for many, no internet, no tv nor radio - in other words, no way to know what was happening. Due to downed live electrical lines laying in standing water, very strong winds, and impassible, water-covered roadways, Dare County imposed a Mandatory Evacuation order at 11 am Sunday morning. No one was allowed to leave or enter Dare county. We were hopeful we could still have the workshop if the judge could get into Manteo because at that point there had been little rain or wind Friday or Saturday, the ocean had stayed put for the most part, and there was little to no flooding downtown. Well, none of this was true by Sunday.

Norfolk also was in the tail end of the hurricane. On Sunday, Mark Mehaffey landed in Atlanta only to discover that he would be unable to complete his journey to Norfolk and his drive to Manteo. There was no ability to promise him any changes to that fact anytime in the near future. Understandably, he took a return flight home, offering to return if/when weather allowed and power was restored. As of this writing, there is still very little power, and the people at the Surfside Hotel guessed they may have power restored by Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest.

Kathy was sequestered in the motel, without power, strong surf pounding just yards away, wicked high winds and all restaurants and businesses shut tight throughout the Outer Banks. Winds were so strong, Hotel staff locked doors and kept people inside. By Sunday afternoon, a curfew was announced for Dare County. By Sunday night, hotel staff brought in a tiny generator for coffee and, later, a platter of hotdogs to feed their 15 or so occupants. Her weekend was spent in a dark room, on the 4th floor, with no elevator service.

Peggy Saporito, who by now hasn’t slept in about three days, was still manning her post, trying, in vain, to again address the newest current state of affairs. Cell phones are dead but you could drive around in your car to recharge as long as you weren’t caught on the road and Internet is nonexistent everywhere. The three of us rallied to get out the information in whatever manner we could. We relayed information to folks in Raleigh who had power (literally) and the ability to disseminate this turn of events. To our dismay it was not timely enough for some.


We beg you indulgence. We apologize. We tried our best. We just could do no more.

In the end the storm won. And we had to capitulate.

I am in little Washington this Monday morning with no power, no cell phone, no generator, mandated water restrictions and curfew, no internet. I have no source of information except the local grapevine and we have been told to standby for local flooding, perhaps as bad as Floyd and Dennis, as all the water dumped in central Carolina basins by the storm drains to the coast.

Kathy and her husband are still stuck in Manteo. Hopefully they will be allowed to leave today, but Manteo officials warned of two to three days before restrictions are lifted. Peggy is still cleaning up the debris. We are working with Mark Mehaffey to get him in late this week to judge the show, but do not yet know if this is doable. And, to top it all off, WSNC finances are in desperate need of assessment.

Everyone is bone tired.

To our members - your patience and understanding is appreciated





We regret to inform you that the workshop has been completely cancelled.

Mark Mehaffey was unable to make it to Dare County. As of this evening Manteo has no power and no one is allowed in or out of Dare County.

We will pass along further information as we get it.



After lengthy and tedious deliberations we regretfully have decided to cancel the WSNC weekend events in Manteo. The exhibition however will be hung and shown with whatever art is present.

Surfside Club will honor refunds if Manteo issues a mandatory evacuation; otherwise, deposits will be maintained by them.

WSNC will issue refunds for meals and fees as soon as we are able.

We have already received over 40 pieces of art. All art is secure on the second floor of the DCAC building, a sturdy brick edifice.




Dare County Arts Gallery (Old Courthouse)
300 Queen Elizabeth Avenue
PO Box 2300
Manteo, North Carolina 27954
Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm
Saturday, noon - 4pm
Closed Sundays & Mondays in the off season
Travel Exhibition: Dec 4, 2015 - Jan 16, 2016
Reception Date: Dec 6, 2015