The Watercolor Society of North Carolina, Inc. (WSNC)
is a non-profit art organization; its purpose is to
promote watercolor throughout the state and
to elevate the standards of excellence in this medium.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)...
Q. How should I pack my painting for shipping?
A. The most important factor in shipping your artwork for the WSNC Exhibition is: DO NOT USE STYROFOAM “PEANUTS”! Most people have experienced the static cling and fly-away nature of packing peanuts, not to mention the space they take up. Imagine the problems with 50 paintings shipped this way! If a boxed painting is opened and contains foam peanuts, it will be resealed immediately and returned.

You can make it easier for the Receiving Committee if your submitted work is in appropriate shipping boxes. There are some commercial good packing systems available to artists, including the Airfloat Systems StrongBox ( at, ULINE, and Navis shipping (at Framers and commercial shipping companies like UPS and FedEx can provide high-quality packaging.

Artists who do their own packing should use a good amount of cushioning to ensure that the painting will be protected during transit and unpacking. The same guidelines used by the US Postal Service (or a commercial service) for shipping packages should be followed. Use packing tape that can be opened with a box cutter. Once in a while, make-do boxes come with non-standard items used for packing materials such as newspapers, Kleenex, cracker and cookie boxes, and duct tape. This makes your box hard to open, store, and repack.

Watch Russell Yerkes video on creating a box for shipping