The Watercolor Society of North Carolina, Inc. (WSNC)
is a non-profit art organization; its purpose is to
promote watercolor throughout the state and
to elevate the standards of excellence in this medium.
Our History...
The Watercolor Society of North Carolina, Inc. (WSNC) is a professional nonprofit art organization. The purpose of WSNC is to strengthen and promote watercolor throughout the state. We strive to do this by: elevating the standards of excellence in this medium, educating artists by hosting workshops by nationally recognized artists, sponsoring juried exhibitions, and involving the people of North Carolina in the arts.

A. Stuffer Myers, artist and businessman, from Lexington, began organizing WSNC in 1972. He contacted artists, galleries, and at quilds across the state, all of which gave support. The charter meeting was held in Lexington on August 19, 1972. Our 18 charter members were: A. Stuffer Myers, Dixie Browning, Jerry Fouts, W. E. Haltom, Odessa Holshouser, Don King, Elizabeth Lawson, Curtis Leonard, Jr., Gertha Love, Mary May, Connie McNeill, Katherine Montgomery, Gertrude Myers, Norma Owen, Edith Saunders, Gerald Schoonover, Katherine Skipper, and Bob Timberlake. In September of 1972, Dixie Browning a Winston-Salem artist, became the first president of WSNC.

In September of 1972, Dixie Browning, a Winston-Salem artist, became the first president of WSNC. Our first membership meeting, attended by 80 artist, was held in Greensboro with guest artist Barclay Sheaks. The first exhibition, juried by Frank Getlein, was held at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in the spring of 1973. Incorporation of WSNC occurred in 1979, and 1996 the first employee position was created. 1999 brought the idea of signature membership to the forefront. The membership approved the following during their meeting on February 24, 1999: signature membership is merited by members who win two awards in two separate shows. Only these members are entitled to use the initials WSNC after their names on any painting in watermedia. Purchase awards and honorable mentions may not be used to qualify. Once the artist has obtained the first qualifying award, his membership with WSNC must be continuous to be eligible for and retain signature status. The first signature members should be awarded during the fall 1999 exhibition in Graham, NC.

The Society ultimately grew from its 18 charter members to a membership of nearly 500. Our activities are supervised by a volunteer Board of Directors. We invite anyone interested in the arts to support WSNC by becoming a member today.
Past Presidents
1973 Dixie Browning
1974-75 Jill Troutman Wilson
1976-77 Keith Rose
1978-79 Lotte Calhoun
1980-81 Bill Holley
1982-83 Eloise Pope
1984-85 Carole Sterrett
1986-87 Fred Novicki
1988-89 Missie Dickens
1990-91 Bonnie Brown
1992-93 Martha Smith Brooks
1994-95 Alice McCallum
1996-97 Kitty Clifton
1998-99 Kathy Curry
2000-01 Pat Holscher
2002-04 Russell Yerkes
2005-06 Jane Hanck
2007-08 Lou Everett
2009-10 Russell Yerkes
2011-12 Jeffrey Jakub
2013-14 Russell Yerkes
2015-17 Isabel Farrell
2017-18 Peggy Saporito